February 15, (Mon) President Day (no class)
March 13 (Sun) Daylight Savings Time Begins SPRING FORWARD
March 26 (Sat) Senpai Sota fight in Paris, France
April 16-17 (Sat-Sun) IFT Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
*International Youth Karate Tournaments
*Women's World Karate Championships
*International Senior Karate Tournaments
*International Kata Competitions
*International Group Kata Competitions
*World Youth Elite Karate Championships
April 24 (Sun) The 35th Freshman Tournament
April 26 (Tue) Sosai Mas Oyama's Memorial Day
May 15 (Sun) Outside Training & BBQ @ Wilson Park
May 30 (Mon) Memorial Day (no class)
June 12 (Sun) Promotion Test
June 18 (Sat) All American Tournament in New York, NY
June 26 (Sun) The 36th Freshman Tournament
July 04 (Mon) Independence Day (no class)
July 10 (Sun) Summer Fest Demonstration in Torrance
September 05 (Mon) Labor Day (no class)
September 17-18 (Sat-Sun) IKO LA Seminar / LA Cup Kata Championships
September 25 (Sun) Promotion Test
October 09 (Sun) The 37th Freshman Tournament
October 10 (Mon) Columbus Day (no class)
October 23 (Sun) Dojo Halloween Party
October 31 (Mon) Halloween Day (no class)
November 06 (Sun) Daylight savings time ends FALL BACK
November 11 (Fri) Veterans Day (no class)
November 26-28 (Sat-Mon) Thanksgiving Day (no class)
December 04 (Sun) Promotion Test
December 18 (Sun) Dojo Christmas Party
December 20 (Tue) North Valley Dojo / OC Dojo Year End Class
December 22 (Thu) Downtown Dojo Year End Class
December 23 (Fri) Torrance Dojo Year End Class
December 24-31 (Sat-Sat) Christmas Break
2017 Events
January 01 (Sun) New Year Beach training
January 16 (Mon) Martin Luther King. Jr. Day (no class)
January 29 (Sun) USWC 2017 Tournament
February 20 (Mon) President Day (No class)
March 05 (Sun) Promotion Test
March 12 (Sun) Daylight Savings Time Begins SPRING FORWARD

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