Sensei Taku Nakasaka started Kyokushin Karate in his hometown, Sapporo, Japan in 1982.  He rapidly gained recognition throughout Sapporo Japan as a Kyokushin fighter, successively claiming several championship titles.  He then served as an assistant instructor of the I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan Dojo in Sapporo, Japan.

His focus and drive lead him to United States at the age of 23.  From 1990, Sensei Taku Nakasaka trained vigorously under Sensei Jimmy Nishimura, former Branch Chief of Los Angeles.  Under  Sensei Jimmy Nishimura's vigilant leadership and guidance, Sensei Taku Nakasaka was  able to claim  one of the top positions among the nine fighters chosen to represent  the United States in the 6th World Open Karate Tournament in November 1995.  Sensei  Taku Nakasaka was  placed among the best  32 out of 168 world top fighters.

In 1996, he fulfilled his childhood dream of opening a dojo in the United States.  His first dojo followed by three subsequent dojos, opened in Los Angeles, California.  The other dojos are currently located in Torrance, Tustin, and North Valley.

Sensei Taku Nakasaka, in a joint effort with I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan, hosts annual karate championship events in Los Angeles, California, bringing in the top fighters from the world.

1966 Born in Sapporo, Japan
1982 Join Kyokushin in Japan
1990 Came to United States
1995 6th World Tournament U.S.A. represent (Top 32)
1996 Start operate Dojo in Los Angeles, California
2005 Received Los Angeles Branch Chief status
2007 North American National Team Coach of 9th World Tournament in Japan
2008 American Team Coach of Int'l Team Tournament in Russia
2009 North American National Team Coach of 4th World Weight Category Tournament in Japan
U.S. Weight Category Tournament Organizing Committee Chairman since 2005 - present
Team Coach of Int'l Youth Tournament since 2005 - present

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